Thursday, December 8, 2016

This is Youth Work

After reading Strengthening the Youth Development Work Force, I now not only have a greater understanding of just what youth development is, but also have a better understanding of how to explain what YDEV is. With this new text, I am better able to explain how YDEV is a growing career field in which workers don't exactly teach the youth, but instead work with the youth in order to develop them into growing adults. This text also allows me to explain how while it may not be the most profitable job out there, there is a much higher job satisfaction in this field. I would also explain to whomever asks that these types of jobs are incredibly important for the youth as it has shown to be a very effective field that helps the youth to develop and be ready for life as an adult. This text has shown me that my decision to change majors while not exactly beneficial financially, it is a career path that is very beneficial to be in terms of not only job satisfaction, but in my role of working with youth to develop them into growing, fully capable adults.

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  1. yes working with youth is the new positive aspect of youth work and yes this work isnt about the money but the intrinsic rewards we experience from it