Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rock The Vote

When the election was first coming about, I had several questions in mind. One of the first questions was, "Are these really the best candidates we have?" It just seems crazy to think that the election for President of the United States comes down to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. At the time, and still, I don't really like the thought of either of them as president. However, regardless of my feelings, I still planned on voting. I chose to vote because even though I was planning on voting on a third party candidate who didn't have much of a chance of winning, I still felt that I should go out there and cast a vote on who I felt was the better choice. It's tough though because many times, I consider not going out and vote just because how everyone was reacting during the election. In the class room, at home, on the television, and especially online, I heard nothing but hate for a certain candidate and how people were claiming to not be friends with someone just because of who they were going to vote for. That's one of the reasons I chose to keep who I was voting for close to the chest.

However, I think that if I had been a little better informed on the issues at hand, I might of had a better understanding of who all of the other candidates were so I could effectively choose who I'd vote for. Also, throughout the election, I was confused with how our vote really counted since it is the electoral college who decides the presidency.

Regardless of all the tension and animosity that has occurred with the results of the election, I am very cautiously optimistic about what's to come. Perhaps that is because of my own optimism of every day life, but I don't think it will be as bad as everyone will think it to be. I feel that as long as we as youth workers continue to work with youth and guide them in the right direction, everything will be just fine

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