Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Boks Training Exercise

For my second event, I traveled to Reebok HQ and had a training session with Boks (Build Our Kids' Success). This was an incredible experience. For starters, the Reebok HQ was incredible. It reminded me of what Google looked like in the film, The Internship. The training session started out by the trainers explaining what exactly Boks is. Boks is a program in which students participate in physical activity before the start of the school day. The idea behind it is not only for students to participate in physical activity, but also the belief that this will get student's brains active before a day of learning. After an explanation as to what Boks is, we participated in a few activities that one would expect in a Boks session. We then sat down and discussed healthy eating. After a quick lunch session, we came back and discussed how we could improve Boks. This reminded me of Plus, Minus, Delta that we participate in during class. During this discussion, some of the suggestions included making sure that the students are heard when they need to. This reminds me of the basic concept of YDEV as we work with youth. The trainers also asked how we can make sure the students understand the rules of Boks. One suggestion was that we explain the rules from the start and to enforce them always. After this, we finished by having a closing activity. Overall, it was a great experience and a reason I think that programs such as Boks should be used in all school systems.

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