Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog Post # 5

After going through the Youh Development Ideology Inventory, I've discovered that my ideology is predominantly under the category of Positive Youth Development. According to the YDEV Ideology Horoscope ,this means that I am looking to build on the strengths and assets of youth and focus on them growing. It also means that I believe that youth have several assets (internal and external). It is also the belief that the youth worker's job to give youth positive external assets in order for them to develop positive internal assets.

I feel that the Positive Youth Development Ideology is a very accurate Ideology for me. I believe that developing the positive internal and external assets will help the youth not only develop , but want to develop into bright individuals. I also feel that creating a space where the youth can express themselves freely to talk about what they want and to not only ask questions on what's being talked about, but to get straight answers on them.

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  1. Hey Remy,

    Personally knowing you for this amount of years, I think this ideology goes with you well.